The Angert Lab at UBC is recruiting at least one PhD student to begin Fall 
2017. Research 
in our lab group focuses on the ecology and evolution of geographic ranges and 
community assembly. Recent and ongoing projects include a) limits to adaptation 
at range 
edges, b) dissecting recent climate-driven range shifts, c) the role of species 
in range limits and range shifts, d) evolutionary rescue in response to extreme 
events, and e) the evolution of species interactions and niches during 
assembly. We take a variety of approaches, including a) conducting experiments 
in the 
field and greenhouse, b) monitoring and modeling the dynamics of natural 
and c) building (and testing in the real world) ecological niche models. We 
also work in a 
variety of systems, including annual grasslands, forest communities of the 
Northwest, and monkeyflowers (Mimulus spp.) throughout diverse habitats in 
North America. The PhD student will have the opportunity to develop his or her 
research projects under the general umbrella of these topics and systems. 

Competitive applicants will have a successful track record conducting 
research in ecology and evolution, ideally with evidence of success in the form 
of a 
scientific publication; have at least some field biology experience, ideally in 
plant systems; 
be motivated to develop or expand his or her quantitative skills in 
evolutionary, population, 
and community ecology; and be eager to work independently while joining and 
contributing to an interactive, collaborative, and integrative lab group. 

Students in the Angert Lab interact with a diverse group of researchers in the 
Research Centre as well as across campus; participate in a variety of 
stimulating seminars 
and discussion groups; and have access to excellent research facilities, 
including new 
greenhouses and growth chambers and a well-supported computing cluster.

Interested students should email Amy ( a brief statement 
your research interests and background, along with a CV and unofficial 
transcript. Please 
contact Amy well ahead of the official application deadline (which is in 
January) to ensure 
that you receive full consideration for fellowships. Please see the lab website 
for more 

Reply via email to