Eco-Evo Lab at California State University, Northridge is seeking
outstanding candidates for the M.S. program in Biology. Research in our lab
focuses on the interface between ecological and evolutionary processes. As
community ecologists, we are interested in how species interactions affect
species and genetic diversity in communities. In particular, we are
interested in how rapid evolution affects species interactions, such as
predation, competition, and mutualism. Moreover, as evolutionary
biologists, we are interested in how interactions among multiple species in
natural communities affect selection on traits and evolutionary
trajectories. Our research combines theoretical and empirical approaches to
tackle these questions.

Current research projects in the lab focus on (1) how evolution affects the
diversity and stability of bacteria and protozoa communities that live
inside carnivorous pitcher plants, (2) genetic variation and evolution of
symbiotic algae living on coral reefs, and (3) genetic diversity in
invasive species in California grasslands. Students are encouraged to
develop independent research projects in any of these systems. More
information is available at

Northridge is located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and
provides access to many different natural habitats. The location is within
a short commute of Santa Monica and Hollywood. The Biology program at CSUN
has a reputation of turning out excellent Master’s students who often
continue on to top-tier Ph.D. programs. CSUN was recently recognized by
*Nature* as one of the top 25 Rising Institutions for Research in North
America. Our interactive group combines faculty and students from the
Ecology & Evolution program ( and
Marine Biology program (

The ideal candidate will have previous research experience, familiarity
with the R programming language, and a passion for science. Interested
students should contact Casey terHorst ( In your
email, please describe your research interests, any previous research
experience, and your career goals. Include a CV, if possible. Formal
applications are due on February 15, but interested students should contact
me well before then. Members of under-represented groups in ecology are
especially encouraged to apply.

Casey terHorst
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8303
Office Phone: (818) 677-3352

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