Education and research opportunities are now being offered at the Cocobolo 
Nature Reserve 
and Biological Field Station in Panama. This area of Panama is the narrowest 
stretch of the 
Central American Isthmus where the Caribbean and the Pacific are separated by 
only 30 miles of 
ecologically diverse wilderness and human impacted landscapes. The Cocobolo 
Biological Field 
Station is set in the heart of this region at the continental divide and offers 
an excellent 
opportunity for students to learn about the rich natural history of tropical 
forests and their 
conservation. CREA, a non-profit that manages the station, actively runs its 
own research at the 
reserve through collaborations with scientific faculty of international 
institutions.  It is now 
offering summer courses in 2017 designed to provide a rich student experience 
of working 
within a tropical forest environment while learning through hands on activities 
with some of the 
most renowned specialists in the field.
2017 Course Offerings:
Tropical Ecology and Conservation: Learn about form and function of tropical 
rainforests, their 
evolution and future outlook. (May 20th-June 3rd)
Ecological Field Techniques: Learn how to undertake research in a tropical 
environment, learn 
and practice field techniques and methods. (June 10th-23rd)
Photography for Nature Communication: Learn how to take professional 
photographs of nature 
and how to contribute to conservation and educational efforts (1 week in June, 
specific dates 
TBD, please enquire for updates).
Each course is limited to a maximum of 14 students
Please see or contact for a 
syllabus and application procedure.

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