The Harmon-Threatt lab at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is 
seeking undergraduate students for a NSF funded REU studying bee diversity 
and movement in the Missouri glades. The glades have a high amount of 
natural fragmentation, which make it a unique area to study how the 
landscape surrounding fragmented bee habitat influences resource 
availability and bee movement. This project aims to understand what 
resources the landscape surrounding the glades provide and how these 
resources influence bee movement and community structure. 

Throughout the 10-week program, the student will assist with lab and field 
work, while also developing an independent research project. Due to the 
unique landscape and high level of endemism of the Missouri glades, there 
are numerous independent questions which can address that will produce 
publishable results. Most work for this project will take place at UIUC 
but will include one, potentially two funded trips out to the glades to 
conduct field work. The position will begin the end of May and includes a 
stipend along with additional funding for housing.
- United States citizens or permanent residents
- Have a valid drivers license  
- Must be enrolled in an undergraduate program for fall of 2018. Students 
who have received their bachelor's degrees and are no longer enrolled as 
undergraduates are not eligible to participate. 
- A strong interest in bee, pollination, or plant ecology 
- Not have an allergy or serious aversion to bee stings
- Some experience in entomology or field ecology is preferred but not 

Applications are due by March 9th and should be a single PDF file 
consisting of: 
-Cover letter detailing any relevant experience, interest in the position, 
and future professional goals 
-Transcript (unofficial is ok)
-Contact information for 3 references 

Applications and any questions regarding the position should be sent to 
For more information about the lab, please visit our website: 

Reply via email to