We are seeking a highly-motivated PhD student to join our DeakinSeaweed 
research group
and Blue Carbon Lab for a project examining the carbon sequestration potential 
of seaweeds
supervised by Dr Alecia Bellgrove, A/Prof. Peter Macreadie and Dr Stacey 

The project will combine advanced analytical chemistry, seascape ecology, 
modelling, and
environmental microbiology to develop novel biomarkers to search for seaweed 
carbon within
marine sediments, uptake and retention rates of seaweed carbon within marine 
and model seaweed carbon export from Australian coasts. The research will help 
fulfil an
important gap in our understanding of the contribution of seaweeds to global 
blue carbon

You must be competitive for a PhD scholarship at Deakin University (currently 
valued at
approximately AU$26,682 per annum) and apply in the upcoming scholarship round 
Thursday 15 March, 2018). In addition to the PhD stipend, you will be supported 
with up to
$11,200 base level research funding.

Australian Honours graduates with an H1A and score above 85% will be considered;

international applicants should have several first-authored papers in 
international journals with Q1 Scimago journal ranking

PhDs at Deakin University are 3 years and free of tuition fees for scholarship 
holders if
completed within the 3 year time frame.

Interested applicants should send (to alecia.bellgr...@deakin.edu.au) 1) a 
brief CV (including
a list of any peer-reviewed papers) and 2) a 1-2 page letter stating reasons 
for wanting to do a
PhD, a summary of research experience, information on how your skills will be 
relevant to the
project, and a statement about your undergraduate track record including 
information on your
grade point average.

Reply via email to