Dear Ecologgers,

How did you learn to manage the financial side of your research? If 
you're a student, do you see opportunities for training in these skills 
or will you learn them on-the-fly? Do you perceive a bias towards or 
against teaching business skills in the academic research community?

I am one of the organizers of the upcoming ESA course in Sustaining 
Biological Infrastructure (, which provides training in the 
finance and business skills applicable to long-term research projects 
(for example: diversifying project funding, communicating with 
stakeholders, and developing budgets and strategic plans). This has 
prompted interesting conversations about the role of business in 
science, and I'm seeking perspectives from the broader ecology community 
as we further develop the course.

If you'd like to comment on the above questions, respond here or email 
me directly at

Thanks for your time and consideration--
Eliza Oldach

For more information about SBI and the upcoming training, visit

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