> The Global Change Biology and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry lab at the 
> University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is seeking an undergraduate 
> student for an innovative NSF-funded REU project integrating ecosystem 
> ecology, biogeochemistry, and environmental microbiology. The project will 
> contribute to a larger effort to improve understanding of when, where, and 
> why the microbially mediated process, dissimilatory nitrate reduction to 
> ammonium (DNRA), is an important soil nitrogen transformation process in 
> terrestrial ecosystems. DNRA retains nitrogen in ecosystems to support plant 
> productivity and reduce water pollution resulting from nitrate runoff; it 
> also competes with other microbially mediated nitrogen transformations to 
> decrease soil emissions of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas that 
> contributes to climate change. Despite its potential importance, DNRA has 
> generally been disregarded in non-flooded terrestrial ecosystems because of 
> the misconception that it is restricted to conditions found in flooded 
> environments, such as wetlands and rice paddies.
> During the 10-week program, the REU student will gain hands-on training and 
> valuable experience in both field and laboratory research conducted on the 
> UIUC campus, including the option to learn about stable isotope pool dilution 
> and tracer methods, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, or Illumina 
> sequencing of soil microbial genes. The student will be guided in the 
> development of an independent project that culminates in an oral presentation 
> of the project results to the lab group. The selected student will be 
> primarily mentored by Dr. Wendy Yang, an ecosystem ecologist and 
> biogeochemist; Dr. Robert Sanford, an environmental microbiologist; or Dr. 
> Joanne Chee-Sanford, a microbiologist; placement will be determined based on 
> the student’s expressed interest.
> Program details:
> -          The program runs for 10 weeks, from May 29, 2018 to August 3, 2018.
> -          Travel expenses to/from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and lodging 
> will be provided.
> -          The student will receive a weekly stipend.
> Qualifications:
> -          U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the 
> United States
> -          Must be enrolled in a baccalaureate or associate degree program 
> (part-time or full-time); transfer students and high school students accepted 
> into and starting a degree program in Fall 2018 are eligible
> -          Prior research experience NOT required
> -          Has a strong interest in ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, 
> environmental microbiology, or related fields
> -          Shows academic promise
> Applications are due by March 23, 2018 and should include the following:
> -          1-2 page cover letter, including responses to the following three 
> questions:
> 1.      Which faculty mentor are you interested in working primarily with, 
> and how does that investigator’s field of research relate to your interests?
> 2.      What do you hope to gain from this research experience?
> 3.      What do you envision yourself doing career-wise 10 years from now?
> -          CV/resume
> -          Transcript (unofficial is ok)
> -          Contact information for 3 references
> Applications and questions should be sent to Dr. Wendy Yang at 
> ya...@illinois.edu.
> For more information about the Global Change Biology and Stable Isotope 
> Biogeochemistry lab and the parent project for the REU project, please visit 
> http://bit.ly/REU-UIUC

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