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Job Description

We are looking for a project leader, able to manage our Seahorse Research 
program. You 
will be taking over every aspect of the project, from fundraising to underwater 
You will be in charge of the methodology, the data collection, applying for 
grants and 
publishing papers. You will have the opportunity to work with both seasoned and 
experienced researchers and international experts. We are searching for 
dedicated and 
motivated candidates. You will have a lot of work, a lot of responsibilities 
and a fairly 
intense self-imposed schedule. But you will be surrounded by an experienced and 
passionate team who have all been involved in building this project.

Job requirements
-       Background in Seahorse Research 
-       Passion and dedication to your mission 
-       Adaptation capabilities
-       High proficiency in spoken and written English 
-       Minimum of Bachelor's degree or equivalent 
-       Scientific and muck scuba diving skills preferable 
-       Effective scheduling capabilities and strong time management skills
-       Be able to manage volunteers
-       Previous experience in scientific report writing (published paper a 
-       Minimum 365 day commitment.


We will offer a 2-month trial to the best candidate, during which food and 
will be provided. You might not reach the end of the 2 months, but if you do 
and we think 
you are great, we might start to pay you before the end of the trial. Payment 
will depend 
on your commitment and ability to carry out the project. If you're hired, you 
will be 
provided with food, accommodation and a salary for a minimum 12 month period. 
information about the wage will be given further in the application process.
Work place

You will live and work on Koh Seh, Kep Province, Cambodia, a small near desert 
where our only neighbor is a Marine Police outpost. The MCC team is ready to 
act 24/7 all 
year round to stop destructive fishing and support local fishermen in the 
Archipelago. You 
will be expected to contribute to the project 5 days a week. The place where 
you work is 
also the place you live in, and it is up to you to manage your own schedule.

Potential impact of your work

By joining MCC team, you will have the opportunity to participate directly in 
protection and restoration of the ocean. For the past 10 years MCC has 
pioneered marine 
research and conservation in Cambodia. Even with all our hard work, many places 
uncharted and we need help to fill the knowledge gap about Cambodian marine 
ecosystems. Your work will have a direct impact on the health of the seahorse 
as well as producing the first scientific reports on Syngnathidae in the Kep 
This is a unique opportunity to fill a huge data deficiency gap for Cambodia & 
South East 

Marine Conservation Cambodia Background

MCC has been protecting Cambodia’s ocean since 2008. We were the very first 
organization to actively work on the ground in marine conservation in Cambodia. 
helping to establish a Marine Fisheries Management Area (MFMA) and being joined 
site by other organizations, we were invited by the Cambodian Government to 
locate to 
the wild East coast of Cambodia where no conservation work was being done and 
protection was deeply needed. Since we arrived in 2013, incredible changes have 
occurred. Marine life is returning way faster than we could have dreamed of.

We have a unique marine environment here: biggest concentration of seahorses in 
Cambodia, formerly one of the largest seagrass meadows of Southeast Asia, 
reefs. These ecosystems are very fragile and under a lot of pressure. A lack of 
on their state and development has long impeded a responsible management of the 
MCC is literally producing the baseline data for the marine ecosystems in Kep. 
our long-lasting collaboration with the small-scale fishermen brought us an 
awareness of 
the most pressing issues encountered by them and the ocean of Kep province. 
partnership allows us to work towards ensuring a long-term sustainable 
livelihood for 
those fishermen and the future generation.

Thanks to our experience, we developed a growing and unrivalled ability to 
engage with, 
inform and influence Cambodian environmental and marine conservation policy and 
debate, not just locally but nationally. Consequently, the MCC recommendation 
for the 
creation of a second Marine Fisheries Management Area (MFMA) in Cambodia (the 
first in 
Kep Province), was approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia and became 
in April 2018. Most of all, it will be a way to support and empower small-scale 
people and communities, who for generations have primarily relied upon local 
resources for their food and livelihoods.

MCC has been researching seahorses since its creation, in 2008. Kep 
Archipelago, and 
particularly Koh Seh, have become areas of significant importance for seahorses 
Cambodia. Currently, our core team has to be focused on the implementation and 
demarcation of Kep's new Marine Fisheries Management Area. MCC has already 
3 years of data about abundance, diversity, species distribution and 
identification. Your 
job will be to take our work to the next level.

How to apply

Send a cover letter as an email to seahorseconservat...@gmail.com, and attach a 
resume. Our internet connection isn't great, so please keep attachments small. 
This is a 
vacant position to be filled immediately. All applications will be accepted 
until the position 
is filled.

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