Overview: Tamarins are notoriously difficult to track and identify in the wild, 
because of their diminutive size and morphological homogeneity. In this 
program, we monitor a population of ~14 tamarin groups, individually 
identifiable and radio-collared, to study their space use and means of 

We collect data on adult scent gland morphology and scent-marking behaviour, 
another primary form of communication among tamarins. Participants will conduct 
full- and half-day follows of individually tagged primate troops, recording 
alarm calls and scent-marks alongside habitat use and feeding ecology. 

Program dates: June 3 – August 12, 2019
Start dates: June 3, June 17, July 1
Minimum stay required: 6 weeks
Application deadline: April 14, 2019 for June start dates, May 14 for July 
start date.
Program fee: $2700 for 6 weeks; $450 each additional week
Appeals to majors: Anthropology, Biology, Wildlife Management, Psychology
Training areas: Off-trail navigation, wildlife tracking, telemetry, focal 
behavioural sampling, spatial analyses.

Program link: https://fieldprojects.org/research/

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