For the past two years I’ve been writing a blog on research presented in 
Ecology and Conservation Biology (  My goal is for 
students to learn about scientific discovery in a variety of contexts, and I 
structure each post accordingly.  The first paragraph gives background 
information, including a discussion of why the question is interesting, which 
may include some information on how the researcher got interested in the 
question.  The bulk of the post discusses methods (in an abbreviated form) in 
enough detail so students can understand and interpret the data, which are 
usually figures taken directly from the journal.  I conclude with a brief 
discussion of why these data are important, and what questions remain 

Each post averages about 800 words + 2 or 3 figures, and takes about 15-20 
minutes to read carefully.  I have a page with suggestions of how to use the 
blog in the classroom, and also a table of contents that puts each post into a 
category (e.g. behavior, populations, ecosystems, disease, etc. – 12 categories 
in all), so you and your students can easily find posts dealing with a 
particular subdiscipline. I hope you enjoy it and use it regularly in your 

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