Structural equations modeling (SEM) and path analysis is a statistical method 
of testing multivariate hypotheses of cause-and-effect that is becoming 
increasingly important in ecology and evolution.  I will be offering an 
intensive course on this topic in English from May 6-10 2019, designed 
specifically for international students in ecology and evolution based on my 
book (reference below).  Everyone who has basic training in statistics 
(inferential tests, linear models) and a basic knowledge of the R statistical 
language is welcome.  Full details about the course can be found at

Please contact me 
(<>) if you are 
interested or require more information than is given on the web page.

Bill Shipley, département de biologie, Université de Sherbrooke. (819) 
821-8000, poste 62079

Cause and correlation in biology: A user's guide to path analysis, structural 
equations and causal inference with R. CUP. 2016.
>From plant traits to vegetation structure: Chance and selection in the 
>assembly of ecological communities. CUP. 2010.

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