Dear All,

In June 2018, we led a workshop at the 5th European Congress of Conservation 
Biology entitled, "From fungi to flies: broadening the use of functional traits 
in conservation". During this workshop it became evident that researchers 
across disciplines define and use the terms "traits" and "functional traits" 
differently, with implications for communication across disciplines and 
collaborative research. 
Now we would like your help to better characterize that diversity by asking you 
to fill out this 10-15 minute anonymous survey ( 
We would be very grateful if you would take the survey, even if you do not 
typically work with traits as we are interested in how people interpret these 
terms in general.
The survey will be available until Friday 14th February.
The survey results will be analysed and included in a manuscript for 
publication illustrating and discussing the diversity in terminology and how it 
may affect research outputs and applications. Please do not hesitate to contact 
us if you have any questions or would like further information about the study.

Samantha Dawson 
A. Bradley Duthie 
Carlos Pérez Carmona 
Manuela Gonzalez-Suarez 
Mari Jönsson

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