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 We now have two fully-funded 3-4 year post-doctoral positions available at the University of Bergen to develop new research and approaches related to climate change effects on and feedbacks from terrestrial ecosystems.

 We are pretty open when it comes to specific research directions, tasks, qualifications and interests; and we are seeking motivated researchers with strong general ecological and quantitative backgrounds who are interested in and motivated by the opportunities arising in the intersection between field experimental ecology and macroecology; in working across different timescales and spatial scales; and in scaling from individuals via populations and communities to ecosystems.  See the advertisements (below) for more details, and please do contact us if you have questions!

 **Application deadline February 10^th !**

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Vigdis etal

We are searching for

-a **community ecologist** to exploit our wealth of data from climate- and global-change experiments from Western Norway and beyond in new analytical or modelling approaches to synthesize and use these data in new ways and directions, and

-an **ecosystems ecologist** to assemble data on ecosystem C fluxes from experiments and field systems throughout Norway and, in collaboration with a larger project team involving land-cover modelers and Earth system modelers, to explore feedbacks from terrestrial ecosystems to the climate system

More information about the positions can be found in the advertisements:

And more information about the research group, research environment, and ongoing projects can be found here:

Professor Vigdis Vandvik

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