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The 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting will take place in Trondheim (June 16 – 19 
2019) under the heading Sustainable Geography – Geographies of Sustainability.

Please find the following call for papers at the session:

Industries and the green economy

Grete Rusten, University of Bergen,
Patrik Ström, University of Gothenburg,
Andrew Jones, City, University of London

Green Economies Network https://greeneconomies.w.uib.no

Paper session

With an economic geographical perspective this session do aim to bring valuable 
insight to the understanding of concepts, theoretical debates and empirical 
practise of green transitions. This may include papers that discuss the 
understanding of green transitions and green growth, as well as a papers 
focusing on how business motivations, strategies, organisational arrangements 
and actions contribute to a greener economy. Topics can also concern how these 
initiatives are formed by production systems, technologies, products and 
stakeholders. The papers either theoretical or empirical invited to the 
session, may cover different sectors, geographical context and scales.  
Examples of topics can be:

  *   The way goals of ecological sustainability are integrated with goals of 
economic growth

  *   Green economic transitions in global production systems and commodity 

  *   The significance of services in the development of a greener economy

  *   Green economy and management strategies

  *   How green business initiatives are formed by policies, regulations and 

Other related topics are also welcome.  Abstracts can be submitted to

grete.rus...@uib.no<mailto:grete.rus...@uib.no>.    by 10th of December.  
Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by January 15 by the session 



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