I'm trying to setup a backup server on Slackware 12. I want backups to 
be done via rsync by a dedicated user.

So I think there are 2 possibilities:
Mount ecryptfs as root and then a user make a backup there.
Mount ecryptfs as user and make a backup.

Unfortunately if I mount ecryptfs as root, when user try to right there 
he get:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/mnt/crypt$ touch y
touch: cannot touch `y': Transport endpoint is not connected

BTW, file is created and the user can write to this file! But after 
reboot it is not more readable or writable by user or root.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/backup# less /mnt/crypt/y
/mnt/crypt/y: Input/output error

This is fstab row:
/crypt          /mnt/crypt      ecryptfs 
      0      0


Then I tryed to mount a directory as user. If I mounted it with 
wrapped-passphrase as setted by ecryptfs-setup-confidential there are no 
problems, but if I try to mount it this way:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ mount -o 

mount: only root can do that

Unfortunately I don't find if someone else has same problems. How can I 
debug this errors?


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