Yes.. and interval isn't even in there at all. I'm not totally clear on how these instances of timeout are used. It seems like it's more of an overall thing, like for the code that manages all the tests. I do not know what that translates into in terms of prevalence or obscurity. Also, note well that the makers of used variable names like

      kungFuDeathGrip = [e1, e2];

So it's possible that the acidtests has idiosyncracies in the first place... there may have been a lot of LSD going around when they wrote it..

 On Sat, 12 Aug 2017, Karl Dahlke wrote:

Interesting that you should point this out.
My throttle is only valid for intervals, which fire repeatedly.
There are no restrictions on timers, which fire only once.
So if a timer is scheduled for now + 10ms, then it fires at now + 10ms.
However, if that timer schedules another timer for now + 10 ms, then that timer 
fires in 10 ms, and it continues every 10 ms, and you have found a way around 
my restriction.
In any browser, that's more resource intensive than a 10 ms interval.
We're constantly creating objects every 10 ms, which gc must clean up before 
they accumulate, etc.
It's so inefficient I'm guessing nobody would do this, except maybe an acid 

Karl Dahlke

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