Earlier posts have discussed the possibility, and the advantages, of writing 
our own css parser and querySelectorAll.
If we are content with handling the high runner cases, and maybe not every 
corner case, it might not be as hard as first appears.
(We don't handle the unusual cases now anyways.)
css selector syntax is described here.


There's a lot going on, but it's straightforward.
An ideal css compiler would produce a 4 dimensional structure.
I have implemented such, and it seems to work on the modest files I've tried.
(I have yet to try the monster css file from stackoverflow.)
Have a look at the comments in startwindow.js line 2105.
If you want to play with it, browse any file with at least one css file,
and in jdb,

v = mw0.cssPieces(mw0.uncomment(document.links[0].data));

Once this is shaken out, cssGather would call this instead of the third party 
css parser.
Then we would write our own querySelectorAll, then invoke that from within 
That's the roadmap.

Karl Dahlke
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