Some stats: on the monster stackoverflow css, their parser finds 3097 
descriptors, mine finds 3711.
Who's right? Got me!

Of the 3711, there are 153 that I don't understand or haven't implemented.
Some of them, like @directives, I'm not suppose to implement.
Others I know how to address but it's one thing at a time.
Still 153 out of 3711 isn't bad for version 1.

I think querySelectorAll will come together soon, unless I'm missing something 
important here.

It's fun to program again, especially in js, where I can wield a regexp like a 
giant hammer,
where one (somewhat ugly) line of code does the equivalent of a page of C.
Chris remembrers, when we wrote version 1 of edbrowse in perl.

Karl Dahlke
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