On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 10:59:01AM -0500, Karl Dahlke wrote:
> As promised, the styles that are created in the original document are now 
> on-demand getters.
> When you access style it applies the css elements, as though it had done so 
> from the start.
> You don't know the difference - except we don't waste all that time 
> populating styles that you never look at.
> stackoverflow is back to 12 seconds (assuming you have the nojs to prevent 
> the infinite loop).
> I hope other sites will run faster as well.
> And now, I need to take a break!

Indeed, actually quicker on my laptop... thanks a lot for sorting this.  I'm 
now wondering what's with
the infinite loop, will try and work out what's happening but I
fear my js (and jdb in edbrowse) knowledge isn't up to the task.

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