We've been chatting about this, but it's a UI change, so perhaps should post to 
the group.
Many people have asked for navigation through headings, as other browsers 
provide. They've been asking for years!
It was brought up again and I think it's time has come.
Someone suggested nh for next heading, which is fine, but I thought of another 
way that doesn't need a suite of new commands.
Inject h1 h2 h3 etc in to the text as markup characters.
Then its just /h2 for next heading, and ?h2 for previous heading, or /h\d for 
next heading at any level.
It's a small change in mindset true, but we already have markup characters, {} 
for hyperlinks, <> for input, | between cells of a table row, so it's 
My plan, unless redirected by you the people, is to version tomorrow, then put 
in h's so we can play with them and comment.
I just didn't want you folks to suddenly wonder what the h is going on.
(Can't resist a good pun.)

Karl Dahlke
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