This from Geoff.


Well here the concept of 'hovering' is a bit misleading. Such dropdown
menu lists are really always there in html, they are just marked
visually 'hidden'...
That is `display: none;` in css terms. Then when you hover that is
changed to 'display: block;`...

Try browsing my example visually
I only 'see' Dropdown' in a browser, until I hover the mouse
over it...

And in EB I correctly see the three links... virtually ignoring
the `display: none;`, which is fine...


His little test program, derived from nasa, is important for all of us to 
digest and understand.

It was asked long ago if edbrowse should scan through all the css and "hide" 
those things with display none.
This example suggests we should not, for such things only come to light if you 
hover over something,
and you can't hover in edbrowse, you wouldn't even know that was a possibility, 
so those links would be forever lost.
This moves us towards the thing I was worried about 20 years ago when I started 
some websites are so dog gone visual that edbrowse just won't be able to 
simulate them in a textual manner.
I hope I'm wrong, and we can shoehorn most websites into our model.

Karl Dahlke
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