I found some evidence that our removeChild function should return the removed node to javascript, instead of returning undefined

A prominent library file includes this line:

a.removeChild(b).style.display = 'none';

So it's expecting something to be there.

And MDN talks about removeChild being called in two possible ways, one of which returns the removed node:

var oldChild = node.removeChild(child);

"The removed child node still exists in memory, but is no longer part of the DOM. With the first syntax-form shown, you may reuse the removed node later in your code, via the oldChild object reference."

Could this be done by renaming removeChild to eb$rmcd in jseng-duk.c, and then in startwindow maybe this?

mw0.removeChild = function(c) {
return c;

The side effects are all nice and stable already, so leave them alone and just deal with the change in what is returned to JS using a JS wrapper.
If this sounds OK, I'll turn this in.

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