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> Bhupesh,
> It is also possible to add an ARM specific PCD to select endianness and update
> MdePkg/Library/BaseIoLibIntrinsic/IoLibArm.c to use that PCD in 
> MmioRead/Write()
> APIs in that file to support both endian types.  You can use the SwapBytesxx()
> functions from BaseLib(as Laszlo suggested) based on the setting of this ARM
> specific PCD.
> Modules that link against this lib can select endianness by setting PCD in the
> scope of that module.
> The IPF version of IoLib uses an IPF specific PCD to translate I/O port 
> accesses
> to MMIO accesses.  So there is already an example of an arch specific PCD in 
> this
> lib instance.

This is not a platform wide thing, it is a per-device property whether
the MMIO occurs in big endian or little endian manner.

So I think Liming's suggestion makes sense: create an IoLib
implementation that performs the byte swapping, and selectively
incorporate it into drivers that require it using

BeMmioDeviceDxe.inf {
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