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On 04/16/18 13:09, Johannes Swoboda wrote:

> How are you ovmf developer debugging it?

In general I add DEBUG statements, grep the tree for protocol / PPI
GUIDs, and use an editor with good ctags support.

Here's another thread that you might find useful:


Occasionally I do use gdb with QEMU, but the solution I use is not
suitable for debugging modules in the SEC and PEI phases, only in DXE. I
have some terribly rough patches in my local tree that are based on

I don't recall having any luck with SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE and the UDK
but admittedly it's been a while (= years?) since I last tried to
connect debugger VM with debugge VM over a virtual serial port. Others
have more recently confirmed it works for them. I think Mike uses it
successfully, from a Windows debugger machine maybe?

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