by design a platform need define a trusted console and only connect this 
trusted console before endofdxe 

thank you!
Yao, Jiewen

> 在 2018年8月10日,下午4:50,"" <> 写道:
> Hi folks,
> The function Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest in 
> DxeTcg2PhysicalPresenceLib
> requires to be invoked after console is ready, and in the function it will 
> call
> VariableLockProtocol->RequestToLock(), while variable RequestToLock() requires
> to be called before "End Of Dxe" event, or else it will return ACCESS_DENIED. 
> However, in PI spec 1.6, section "End of DXE Event", it says "Prior to
> connecting consoles, the platform should signal the event 'End of DXE'". So
> there seems to be contradiction between these implementations and PI spec.
> If we follow below work flow:
> End of DXE -> connect console -> Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest() ->
> Variable RequestToLock() -> we will get ACCESS_DENIED.
> Please advise,
> Thanks,
> Heyi
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