On 01/07/19 09:24, Ni, Ray wrote:
> 1.
> How about defining a union for MpService.
> typedef union {
>   EFI_PEI_MP_SERVICES_PPI         *Ppi;
> So a new field as below can be added here:
> MP_SERVICES      MpService;
> GetMpService() can be also changed to return MP_SERVICES;
> 2. Please update the copyright year to 2019.

- I wasn't CC'd on the cover letter, and the patches themselves don't
include any version numbers, so it's hard to tell what version this is.

- Upon examining my list folder, in addition to my inbox, the cover
letter seems to be "[edk2] [Patch v2 0/2] Avoid AP calls PeiServices
table." -- at

That's incorrect; this is version 3 actually. V1 was at
and the actual v2 was at

- As I stated under v2, at
I'll defer to Ray on v3.

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