Hi John,
First for the MinnowBoard. Yes, the firmware is EDK II based and is basically 
based on the UDK2010.SR1.UP1.P1 release.  I will make a cross link on the 
tianocore.org web pages but the link to get the board is : 
http://Minnowboard.org and the link to  download the source is : 

Second, Duet is from the DuetPkg and is included with the UDK2010.SR1.UP1.P1 
release.  This is basically the UEFI Shell environment booted from a Legacy 
BIOS.  This is used on an older non-UEFI PC. More info: 

Third: Ovmf from the OvmfPkg is a virtual machine based and uses QEMU with the 
Firmware device image built from the OvmfPkg .dsc files.  This is frenquently 
used with a linux OS for UEFI Development.
More information: OVMF 
How to build 


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As I am looking through the EDKII workspace, I am wondering where is the port 
for minnowboard? I saw a video from an Intel guy on youtube and it mentioned 
the minnowboard as a atom based board which could be used as a cheap UEFI 
reference development kit.  This sounds like a good deal for the UEFI support 
alone.  The tunnelmountain kits are way out of my range for something to do in 
my personal time, but I'm wondering.  I see BeagleBoard and Omap trees in the 
source but no minnowboard.  Why is that? Does it not require its own seperate 
tree since it runs on the core workspace?

Also, I see this tree for something called Duet.  What is Duet?  Is it another 
board port?

Lastly, I see a lot of Ovmp discussion on the board lately.  Is that a virtual 
UEFI bios port?  I'm guessing, but not sure that you could build a .fv for it 
just as you build a .fv for the emulator and use it to boot a vm os.  Is that 
the case?

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