At 10:33 AM 12/6/99 -0700, Alex Yu wrote:

>Disadvantages of non-parametric tests:

seems to me that before one lists out "dis" advantages ... or for that 
matter "ad" vantages ... one needs to be very clear on what one wants to 
know about the target population ...
now, in some cases ... there might be several approximately equal 
alternative parameters or pieces of population information that might be 
sufficient for your purposes and, in that case ... then using some 
technique with better power, etc. might be helpful. but, if we really are 
interested in some element in the population BUT, the technique for 
"inferencing" it happens to be non-parametric ... AND, it is that and ONLY 
that that we are interested in ... then we might have to "give up on some 
power" ...
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