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>Similarly, bootstrapping is a method of "robust variance estimation"
>but it does not change the metric like a power transformation does, or
>abandon the metric like a rank-order transformation does.  If it were
>proper  terminology to say randomization is nonparametric, you would
>probably want to say bootstrapping is nonparametric, too.  (I think
>some people have done so; but it is not widespread.)

In my fields of interest (ecology and evolutionary biology), it is becoming
increasing common to refer to two "kinds" of bootstrapping: nonparametric
bootstrapping, in which replicate samples are drawn randomly with
replacement from the original sample; and parametric bootstrapping, in
which samples are drawn randomly from a (usually normal) distribution
having the same mean and variance as the original sample.  The former is
bootstrapping in the traditional sense, of course, while the latter is a
form of Monte Carlo simulation.  Unfortunately, the new terminology seems
to be spreading rapidly.

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