How to Make a Movable Python CD with VPython, Numeric, and numarray:

(1) The computer which is to burn the CD should have Python and VPython

(2) Download and unzip Movable Python Standard 0.4.6-2.4.  The standard
distribution comes with IPython, psyco, wxPython, IDLE, and SPE built in. 
Available at:

(3) Next, go to C:\Python24\Lib\sitepackages\ and copy the folders numarray,
Numeric, Visual, and the file Numeric.pth.

(4) Paste them into the Movable Python movpy\lib\ folder.

(5) Edit the syspaths.pth file located in movpy\lib\ to include the word

(6) Burn the movpy folder onto a CD and you're done!

This is NOT at boot CD (like Knoppix).  Windows must be up and running on the
computer that is to execute Movable Python.  To use Python on the CD, simply
open the file idle.bat or spe.bat on the CD.  It will take several seconds for
either one to start.

Recent testing has shown that the CD will work on CITRIX XP workstations, but
Vpython is too slow to be useful.  In addition, I have NOT had success using
the CD on the Win98 workstations.  XP workstations are fine.

To the best of my knowledge, no MAC verison of Movable Python is available.

For more info about Movable Python, see:

Have fun!
Frank Noschese
John Jay High School
Cross River, NY

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