First I want to start out by mentioning that this version is Linux friendly,
and free, but not "debian free".  I have been working on a version that is
"debian free" but I have been looking for people/ways to get it into
edubuntu and debian and wherever else.  The main goal is just to get it out
there to the kids so they can enjoy it.  I use it to teach at summer camps,
after school programs, in classrooms, etc, and the kids have really loved it
and been able to use it, even kids as young as age 6!  Any help with this
would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.2.0 Release :)  For anyone who is
unfamiliar with Sandbox, here is a bit about it:
"Sandbox is a game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine that allows users
to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in game, even
cooperatively. It is free, open source, multiplatform, and easy to use for
Kids and Adults."

Here are just some of the goodies included in Sandbox Beta 2.2.0

* New Maps - Save The Princess (3D Platformer with speed boost power ups!),
* New Quests - Apple Picking on Village, and rescuing the princess on Save
The Princess
* New Cloud Options - Now clouds can be added that scroll above the
landscape! Height can even be adjusted. Also the Skybox can rotate making
the clouds appear to move.
* New easy to use Sandbox launcher thanks to James "ZKAT8IT" Burns!
* New Characters can be added - Now characters and animals such as bears can
be added!
* Numerous menu changes and enhancements - Menus have been tweaked to
improve ease of use and they can also be customized for color, font, etc.
* Basic Multilingual Support - WE NEED TRANSLATORS!! Please see here for
more information:
* Available now in English, Dutch (thanks Ben 'gamshobny' Tilma!), and
Swedish (thanks Lucas Orsvärn!).
* Editing made even easier!! Can change flying speed by using + and - keys!
* Many Graphical Enhancements - Many map updates, nicer looking waterfalls,
rain, scrolling clouds, some redone textures, etc.
* Numerous bug fixes and features added "under the hood".
* Improved Jukebox and Musicpack implementation
* New Music and a lilypad model!
* And MANY more! (really there are lots!!)
NOTE: If your old maps look strange in this new version, please type /remip
in the console!!

Platinum Arts 2.2.0 Download

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you enjoy it!!  A special thanks to
Hirato who really has been the hero of this release and has advanced Sandbox
so far.  Remember to check our wiki if you need help!  Also remember our irc
channel is #sandbox or you can click here:
Kids joining MUST have parental permission!!  I cannot be responsible for
things other people say in there.  Take care and enjoy!
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