I tried to follow this tutoriel
Specifying Allowed Registration Email Patterns 
it didn't seem to work, I am a noob in most of what I am doing so sorry in 

Some information:
- I have installed opendedx on my own server (ubuntu 12.04.5)  at home 
(native edx)
- I install  export OPENEDX_RELEASE=open-release/eucalyptus.2

I change cms.env.json and lms.env.json

        "city": "hidden", 
        "country": "hidden", 
        "gender": "optional", 
        "goals": "optional", 
        "honor_code": "required", 
        "level_of_education": "optional", 
        "mailing_address": "optional", 
        "year_of_birth": "optional"

"SERVER_EMAIL": "dev...@example.com",

but also tried



"REGISTRATION_EMAIL_PATTERNS_ALLOWED" = "^.*@(.*\\.)?example\\.com$",

then I  update...

sudo -H -u edxapp bash << EOF
source /edx/app/edxapp/edxapp_env
cd /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform
paver update_assets lms --settings=aws --debug

sudo /edx/bin/supervisorctl restart edxapp:lms

Again I think I am missing something basic but couldn't figure it 
out...none of those three ways worked form me :(

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