Hello everyone,

A few quick notes about remote meetups!

First, we've moved the videos from August and September to the Open edX
Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_34jgoNjHfro2S1V_-wyOw).  We're
not taking down the old videos, so old links won't break -- this is just a
bit of housekeeping.  There are a bunch of videos on that channel,
including presentations from our conference.  You should definitely check
those out, but if you just want to see the remote meetups, you can find
them here:

Second, at the suggestion of Sam Joseph we've started providing high
quality transcriptions of the meetups. The version of the videos that's on
the Open edX Channel now have transcription as well.  Thank you for the
suggestion, Sam, and for everyone else: please do reach out if there's ever
a way we can make things better and more accessible for you or for the
community at large.


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