We did all the work necessary for Transifex to pull the translation files 
automatically. The developers should make sure the translation source files 
are up-to-date.

If new strings are added for translation make sure to update the source 
translation files and include them into your PR. In order to check if the 
translation source files are up-to-date run the make extract_translations 
command (which will extract the source strings) followed by the make 
detect_changed_source_translations (detect changes in source translation 
files) or run the make validate_translation command.

Travis will check if the translation source files are up-to-date by running 
the make validate_translation command and fail if changes detected so make 
sure to include the new source files.

The command descriptions can be located in the Makefile description part. 
More information about the translations are available in the i18n-tools 
repository README file: https://github.com/edx/i18n-tools#running.

Have a nice day.
Ivan Ivić <https://github.com/edx/i18n-tools#running>

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