Hello everyone,

In the couple of months since I’ve joined edX, I’ve heard a lot of
discussion in the community about theming.  Given the level of interest in
and trouble with theming, we’ve decided to go beyond dealing with each
problem on a case by case basis, and see if we can address some of the
underlying issues - together.

We have a pretty solid understanding of the main issues with theming
(summarized here) and a decent sense of what’s important to you, but we’d
like to get a more systematic sense of your priorities.  To that end, we’ve
created a survey: http://bit.ly/2dZwVmP.  If you care at all about theming,
please fill it out!

If the survey indicates enough interest, we’re going to launch a working
group to tackle these problems within the next couple of weeks.  Of course,
“launching a working group” is something we’re also trying to clarify and
redefine, so I understand if some of you feel a little in the dark about
what the next steps actually will be.  The very short version is “we’ll
work with the community to improve our design and implementation plans for
to reflect your needs and priorities, and then some combination of edX
teams and Open edX community members will implement those changes”.  If
you’re interested in helping define how working groups work, please check
out the discussion here:

As always, please feel free to ask questions, give feedback, etc.



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