I hope this is the right place for feedbacks on edX platform.

This thread is about its software.

I really appreciate that it can link discussion with actual content at the 
finer scale, lesson or exercise.
On the other hand if you read a bit of forums that compare edx with 
coursera or udacity you will read that first complain for edx is its forum 
software. It is really (on my subjective opinion) old fashion, ugly, 
difficult and not much powerful (aside the already cited advantage of 
proximity discussion/content).

Is there any plan to refactor it to enable more feature while also 
improving user friendyness (e.g. discourse, S.O...) ? It would really 
deserve it!

(as side comment, MathJax seems not to work in the android app, maxing 
really useless the app for math-rich courses)

Best regards,
   Antonello Lobianco

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