On 02/04/14 09:34, Julien Puydt wrote:

here is a new version of the test code. Now the user interface is a
series of buttons and two combo boxes to choose from a few devices, both
for audio and video (no proper device detection yet -- the V4L2 choice
might fail if you don't have such a device).

The next step is to add more comments, then make it possible to stop the
"call" and start a new one.

I compiled your code: everything goes well.

When executing, I noticed two things:
- video is slow: perhaps 2-4 images per second
- the other video window is always several coloured vertical lines

Could you explain what is the ekiga architecture for video? We have clutter thing, v4l2 plugin thing, X code thing in ekiga, now you propose gstreamer thing... how are they related? What precisely will gstreamer code replace?

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