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> same equipment Skype is choppy, Ekiga VoIP streams about as well as a 
> regular phone. Any thought on how/why? in the present case, it is exactly the 
> same hardware/software and internet connection.

remember that skype is a p2p app while ekiga acts as client for a server.
In skype you've no control on number of connections it makes to other
nodes, nor how much bandwith it takes up; and skype's streams are encrypted,
which means longer drops may occur in case of channel congestion.
Moreover, if all goes 'well', your instance may act as a 'supernode' hence 
taking most of your bw.  In some situations, all the rest been equal, such 
cases may lead to poor performance on the channel you're talking.

There are likely other possible explanations for what you see, these are
just a few points.

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