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Hi Eugen

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2010/5/5 Eugen Dedu<eugen.d...@pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr>

On 14/02/10 14:57, michel memeteau wrote:

if for some reason the installer decide that MyDocs is the default
dir instead of progfiles/ekiga , it will install there and
erase the INSTALDIR content and thus mydocs.
I guess it can have something to do with user rights as if
progfiles is
writable, i might try Mydocs. I've seen this behaviour before.

Well... I have just had it too...
I use a computer of my school. echo %programfiles% shows C:\Program
I tried to create a directory inside, I do not have the right to
do it.
When I start ekiga-setup, it proposes me to install in C:\Docs and
Settings\ededu/Ekiga. I have not yet completed the install process.

"Good news " ! Eugen. I don't think it's that weird that the NSIS
would detect that the user does not have any rights under XP and thus
propose a D&S/username/Ekiga install dir.

I even think that the firefox installer do this to. So IMO it's not a
bug to

The main bug is that the uninstaller remove D&S/username whole folder
means the regedit uninstall key is not correctly read.

Here is the progress so far:
- as shown at http://www.flickr.com/photos/34403...@n07/4356542596/,
installer did not install ekiga in a new directory (look at ekiga,
locale, icons directories, which belong to ekiga), but directly in
MyDocuments, where other files reside
- I think that yesterday everything was ok for me anyway, since it
proposed a new directory (ending in Ekiga)
- the NSIS script in ekiga uses during uninstall (cf.

which of course removes the whole installation directory (by the way,
aren't both these commands identical??) This is unsafe anyway, as shown
at the end of the section

I try to understand now:
- why the installer have not proposed a new directory (ending in
\Ekiga). Reporter, have you installed it in MyDocs or in MyDocs\Ekiga?
Have you modified the directory it proposed you or not?
- how to avoid delete *\*, since by the way the uninstallation might
work even if the user himself chooses an already existing and non empty

After reading the source code and playing a bit with the installer, I
understood what happened.

The installer proposed to install in C:\D&S\ededu\Ekiga. If I click on
Browse..., then the new dialog is as shown at
http://eugen.dedu.free.fr/inst3.png. If I wrongly click on Ok instead of
Cancel, then the installation directory changes to C:\D&S\ededu\MyDocs.
I continue the installation.

Upon uninstallation, as shown above, nsis code in ekiga removes the
installation directory completely, so everything in C:\D&S\ededu/MyDocs.

Now, I have the solution and a question. The solution is to remove the
files one by one, as it is done in pidgin

search for CAcert and look at all the following lines). Or better but
more complicated, save all the installed files in a log and remove them
upon uninstallation

And the question is: is it normal that Browse... show the attached
window instead of going to the proposed installation directory (well,
Ekiga subdir in the installation directory does not exist)??

Finally, the installation directory has GTK... as title. Does this mean
that it is the gtk code which does this, and not ekiga nsis code?

I have finally fixed this bug:

If I had not interrupted the uninstall, what would have happened when
the uninstaller emptied the My Documents directory? Would it then
have started deleting files a level higher in the directory
hierarchy, and continued until it erased the entire hard drive?

For info: Until now, the uninstaller removed the whole installation
directory, and in your case Ekiga was installed in MyDocs. It did not
jumped to upper directory.

The simplest solution I found is that if the installation directory is
not empty (such as MyDocs), then it is installed into an empty
sub-directory. Thus, even when the uninstall removes the whole
sub-directory, there is no problem.

Does this mean that if you install Ekiga in a new XP installation with
an empty MyDocs it will be installed in MyDocs and not in a sub-dir?
Later docs going into MyDocs could still be lost.
Wouldn't it be better to always create it's own sub-dir?

Well, I thought of this too. So you propose to create always a subdir called Ekiga and install in it and remove it completely? What if the user chooses as install dir C:/ProgF/Ekiga? Then the installation is done in C:/ProgF/Ekiga/Ekiga...

Or maybe if the directory proposed by user is called E(e)kiga and if it is empty, then install in it, elsewhere create Ekiga subdir and install in it?

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