Thank you but c-sip does not seem to have amr wideband codex. I will look again.

On August 10, 2017 7:14:11 PM Star Indust <> wrote:

Hi All,

One more information : calls are recorded in CSipSimple>records folder
as a .wav file.

On a SAMSUNG, I am using CSipSimple to access to Ekiga and to Diamond.
CSipSimple, in its "Call Options" has an "Auto record calls" option.

Hope this may help.


On 10/08/2017 09:27, Damien Sandras wrote:

Unfortunately, Ekiga does not allow call recording.
You will have to use software like Asterisk or Freeswitch for that.

Recording soundcard input/output might be the easiest way. I never
tried, but you can find some interesting links on the Web:

Le mercredi 09 août 2017 à 14:29 -0400, John Stegenga a écrit :

This little app does just what I want – lets me dial a point to point
sip call.

But now, how can I record that call (audio recording?)  I’m trying to
make some recordings of calls using different codecs to create a


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