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> On Sun, 2 Dec 2018, Bret Busby via ekiga-list wrote:
> > On 02/12/2018, Damien Sandras <> wrote:
> >> Due to the lack of time, and to the last outages, I have taken the
> >> decision to discontinue EKIGA.NET before the end of the year.
> > I am wondering whether, given that Ekiga is said to be open source,
> > rather than, as its owner, simply shutting it down, it would not be
> > more appropriate and consistent with the (perceived) nature of open
> > source,, to seek a new group of people, to take it on, for the sake of
> > its continuance.
> is not needed for peer to peer calls.  It is only to help
> out unfortunate souls still in IP4 NAT jail because they haven't learned
> how to join the IP6 world.  ISPs will never offer IP6.  You have to
> peer with friends and/or sign up with a general tunnel broker like
> There are other sites offering free IP4 SIP call brokering (generally
> charging for POTS connections to make their money).
> I moved to Linphone (another open source SIP client) because it
> supported IPv6.  Peer to peer SIP really requires IPv6.
> The Cjdns IPv6 mesh VPN allows authenticated, encrypted peer to peer calls
> anywhere in the world without any exchange of certs, etc, and a device
> keeps its IP as it moves around.  The IPv6 is a hash of the public key
> of the node.
> Even without a VPN, IPv6 allows direct peer to peer without needing
> a public IP4 or a centralized site to help with all the NAT workarounds.
> Ekiga does a number of things better than linphone (e.g. addressbook).
> But the lack of IPv6 was a deal killer.  There were efforts to
> add IPv6 support to ekiga, but never finished that I was aware of.
> Actually, IPv6 support in Linphone is a pain - it can't listen on
> IP4 (for commercial SIP to POTS services) and IP6 simultaneously.
> You have to switch back and forth in preferences.  Ekiga could do it so
> much better.
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