Hi Bret,
Thank you for your email and support.
You are absolutely right...
Actually, Ekiga, the software, is not discontinued. Ekiga.net, the SIP
platform that goes with it, will be shutting down by the end of the
However, actually, the state of the software is not better. I have
actively maintained ekiga during more or less 12 to 13 years. A new
version is nearly ready (without instant messaging support anymore, and
without STUN/NAT support). A few years ago, I asked for help to finish
it. It was a call to developers, but nobody answered.
Having to maintain the software, the SIP platform, the websites, the
manuals, the documentation for that new release alone is simply not
possible. It would be if I was unemployed. But in that case, the "free"
as "free beer" aspect of Open Source would be annoying for me :-)
So well, if developers want to keep working on the Ekiga software, they
are welcome. The code is in GNOME's git, available for everyone!
Le dimanche 02 décembre 2018 à 06:15 +0800, Bret Busby via ekiga-list a
écrit :
> On 02/12/2018, Damien Sandras <dsand...@seconix.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > Due to the lack of time, and to the last outages, I have taken
> > thedecision to discontinue EKIGA.NET before the end of the year.
> > Thank you for your support during all those years.
> > It has been a pleasure!--
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> > Damien SANDRAS
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> > Ekiga Project
> > http://www.ekiga.org
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> Hello.
> I am wondering whether, given that Ekiga is said to be open
> source,rather than, as its owner, simply shutting it down, it would
> not bemore appropriate and consistent with the (perceived) nature of
> opensource,, to seek a new group of people, to take it on, for the
> sake ofits continuance.
> More and more good  Linux software, has been
> abandoned/discontinued,and, with MS apparently determined to
> progressively eliminate skype(MS has been p[rogressively hobbling
> skype, since MS bought it out), adeveloping technology in IT - the
> means od making video calls, amongstother uses, is being eliminated.
> It is a bit like, if Alexander Bellhad decided that he had had enough
> of trying to develop telephony, andsaid "Stuff it - I've had enough -
> I am going to put it all into boxesand bury it.", rather than passing
> it on to others to continue thedevelopment.
> Imagine what the world would be like, if we had not had
> telephony.Imagine what the wotld could be like, if we would have
> video calls andvideoconferencing, as commonplace, as telephony has
> been.
> Here in Australia, members of the federal parliament, fly thousands
> ofkilometres, to sit in the parliament (when they can be
> botheredturning up for "work" - the federal parliament is apparently
> scheduledto meet, for only ten days, in the next eight months, while
> itsmembers hibernate (and, hide from each other) ), and, whilst
> theAustralian federal partliament does not want to progress from
> thestone age, if its members used virtual attendance,
> throughvideoconferencing, it could save the country a fortune, and,
> show thatAustralia is not really such a stupid and backward country,
> that itappears to be (we have a federal government, that is obsessed
> withburning as much cpoall as possible, as it is worried about
> theincreasing chill in the air).
> So, while MS is doing as much as it can, to obstruct
> communications,with its progressive hobbling of skype, if Ekiga could
> be turned intoa community project, and, thence, continue to be
> developed andmaintained, instead of being abandoned, like so much
> other Linuxsoftware, we could have hope, that communications
> technology willcontinue to advance, instead of being abandoned  and
> left in unusablepieces on the side of the road..
> So, rather than simply abandoning Ekiga, I ask whether it could
> beoffered as a community project, so as to provide for its
> continueddevelopment, maintenance, and, support, rather than simply
> abandoningit.



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