Hello everyone

I am not at all surprise that mr. Jabbar to attack me. I work hard for
my font and even if it has similarity doesn't mean that it is his font
or "so called copy of his font". I know what I did and what I didn't
do. I am not here to do business if I want I can do so. Not everything
is copyrighted by Mr. Jabbar by the way if it is the case don't speak
the language you are speaking because someone came up with that
language he might claim copyright.  Scholars wrote books back in old
days they never claim my book is copyrighted or pay him for that
because you are using his property. I don't have problem that you are
doing business nor I am harming your business. Plus I don't have plenty
of time to refute you every details. Some say that "Take chill pills" I
think you take one.

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