Hi Riccardo 

Some context: We are a VR company and we take synced videos from many 
computer vision cameras and assemble them into motion 3d assets with CUDA 
9.1 libraries ... 
We started using MPI in the last months for this assembly process 

My intent for ElastiCluster is to deploy Slurm locally in our building's 
existing Ubuntu 16.04 workstations with Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs using docker and 
ansible for small non urgent jobs. 
Then also deploy to AWS for larger and more urgent/client jobs.
I was hoping to run ElastiCluster locally (not cloud) first.
I'm happy to let ElastiClustic over my existing manual setup
I am a little confounded by the Config settings would be for a local only 
Have you deployed ElastiCluster on a local network of servers or 
workstations before?

On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 8:14:04 PM UTC+12, Riccardo Murri wrote:
> Hello Shane, 
> I have seen the issue you filed on GitHub; I'm replying here but 
> either forum is equally good. 
> What is not clear to me is: did you install these 20 machines with 
> ElastiCluster? (I'd say 
> no, since you seem not to have an ".elasticluster/config" file...) 
> Or rather did you install all the  software you mention by yourself? 
> If yes, then you have basically done all the work that ElastiCluster 
> is supposed to do :-), so what would be the use you envision for 
> ElastiCluster? 
> Finally: there are different types of compute clusters that can be 
> installed by ElastiCluster (SLURM, GridEngine, Spark/Hadoop, etc.) -- 
> what is it that you like to install on your machines? 
> To clarify a bit, ElastiCluster basically does two things: 
> 1. Provision VMs on a IaaS cloud provider 
> 2.Configure these VMs using Ansible playbooks 
> With some work arounds, you should be able to skip step 1. and only 
> use the playbooks to configure a bunch of machines, but that requires 
> some knowledge of Ansible's workings (which the main ElastiCluster 
> program tries to shield you from, generally). 
> Does this help? 
> Ciao, 
> R 
> P.S. I have taken the liberty of changing the email subject since I do 
> not think that "FAQ or How-To's" matches the topic. 

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