There is no 'setup' for the AUX 12V output - I think yours is broken.
If you want to make some measurements, take a look at the lower right corner of RF Board schematic sheet 3. The RFC and resettable fuse are thru-hole components, so troubleshooting should be easy.


On 9/16/2016 12:08 PM, wrote:
I've just hooked up my new hupRF K3 IF buffer to the 12v RCA socket at the rear 
of the K3 expecting to see some volts. The buffer requires 12v at 10ma to drive 
it. Nothing. Zilch. I've perused the instructions and Freds book but cannot see 
if I have to enable this function. Its either that or the socket is defunct. I 
put the K3 together about 4 years but have never had the need to use the 12v 
RCA output before.

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