On Friday, September 16, 2016, Robin Moseley <ro...@rmoseley.co.uk> wrote:

> RCA sockets are designed to grip the centre pin at 4mm inserion..   the
> standard pin length is 8.5mm

Hmm. Then how do you account for


pin 10.1 mm beyond the shell.


pin 9.6 mm beyond the shell


pin 9.5 mm beyond the shell.


pin 7.0 mm beyond the shell


pin 7.5 mm beyond the shell.


pin 6.3 mm beyond the shell.

Standards?  What standards?

I quit having trouble when I started making my own cords with the 10 mm
pins. I use the kind with a wrap around solder connection to the shield
inside the cover. I also use teflon jacketed shielded coax of one size or
another. Very permanent. Very shielded. Never melts when soldering.

Bad cords and connectors are responsible for so much trouble....

73, Guy K2AV
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