Hi Bill,

One thing we learned many years ago in pro audio is that in general, it's a bad idea to use "boost" EQ, especially to boost a lot of bands, and to boost them a lot. The reason is "headroom" -- when you're boosting a lot, you're more likely to hit digital clip on audio peaks.

I suggest that you subtract 10 dB from each band. The only band where you'll change the shape of the curve is the top one. And if you're doing the cut in that band to minimize noise internal to the K3, simply increase the RF gain a bit (or turn off the ATTEN and reduce the RF gain).

73, Jim K9YC

On Fri,9/16/2016 4:50 PM, Bill wrote:

*Menu settings used at W2BLC for armchair copy on 160/75/40 meters:*


The following are the settings I am using on 40, 75, 160 for armchair copy (meaning very reduced hiss and no ANF warbling). My RX audio goes through amplified Behringer studio speakers with bass/treble adjustments.

The speaker adjustments:  bass at 3 o'clock and the treble at 11 o'clock

K3 settings (Config Menu):
    AGC HLD - 0
AGC SLP - 4 to 6 (low setting reduces artifacts from the Automatic Notch Filter)
    AGC THR - 12
    AGC F -       120
    AGC S -       20
    Shift -          1.25
    Width -        2.7
    RF Gain -    90 (sometimes less)
    ATT -           ON
    RX EQ         1        -2
                         2        0
                         3        +9
                         4        +12
                         5        +11
                         6        +14
                         7        +7
                         8        -16

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