Good rig ID, Mike. Yes the TS-830S was a fine rig. And it looks like his mic is the MC-60A.

You have to wonder about the wisdom of running even 100 Watts into the MFJ loop while sitting that close to it.

73, Phil W7OX

On 9/16/16 6:46 PM, Mike Morrow wrote:
It looks nothing like an "ancient Yaesu"...because is a Kenwood TS-830S, 
introduced in 1980.  To this day it's one of the best hybrid-design ham transceivers ever 
made.  It has two S2001A (equivalent to 6146B) tubes in the PA for 220 W PEP SSB, 180 W 
CW.  Ham bands (including WARC) only.  Gotta love a rig with PA PLATE and LOAD controls.

Still...what QST editor confused the TS-830S with a KX3, or any other all-solid 
state rig made since 1983?  My guess is some youngster who doesn't know that 
rigs like this with vacuum tubes ever existed. :-)

Mike / KK5F

...From the photo it looks like an ancient Yaesu.
Joe N9JR
Perhaps it was a very early pre-production model, before they had finished 
miniaturizing it sufficiently :-)


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