I own a K3 ser#7028.  I will try the settings listed for the EQ for SSB.  I am 
also trying a mid-sized Bose amplified speaker (bought a refurbished one at the 
local Bose store).  I am using it in the Aux function plugged into the K3 audio 
out (speaker).  It does sound good.  The reason I did this is I bought an Icom 
7300 because of the SDR design and the monitor for audio and spectrum.  The 
unadjusted audio, EQ, of the 7300 had a marked difference (sounded good) in 
comparison my K3.  My K3 did not have any EQ adjustments so they were pretty 
much even in this sense.  Oh, by the way, the K3 is still my main rig. (Love 


John, KX6F
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