Hello All,

I have been reading the mail of this reflector for some time, and thought I 
would join today and include my two cents; after all I own so2r K3/P3/K-Pod.  
However, I do enjoy other radios, mainly an IC 7600 which isn't a K-3 in 
handling strong signals but it does just fine here is rural Idaho, and the qsk 
is just as good.  Shamelessly, I like the colorful screen.

On K3 audio:  After finishing the build on a K2/100 recently (a field model 
purchased in 1998 and never completed) I was surprised at the overall 
performance of K2 and decided that K3 can have too much gain.  I now have no 
gain on each filter, and 2db on the 200 hz one.  If K3 seems noisy then after 
adjusting agc and RX EQ (like most others I have the cw offset at 500hz), you 
may want to use 0 gain on the filters.  Maybe this point about I-F gain has 
been covered but if so I don't recall reading about it. Moreover, I don't 
normally use a preamp 160m through 20m, except on beverages.

K2 does not have objectionable phase noise as I read somewhere, that noise is 
the need to do the keying modification.  K2 is a real sleeper of a radio, and 
it taught me something about K3.  Of course you have to build it, but K2 is 
contest competent though with far fewer features than K3.  

BTW, I had no difficulty getting the parts to finish K2, including the keying 
modification, 18 years later.  

73, Will, wj9b

CWops #1085
CWA Advisor levels II and III
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